The rights of nature are indispensable for harmony in the spaces of participation and development of life, where the use and occupation of the lands directly affect the availability and quality of water and other commons. Observing transnational initiatives, governments, open science laboratories, corporations, and NGOs, this exploratory research consolidates scenarios of intense flows of crowds drifting from projections and adaptive capacity in the Anthropocene. They are elements in which the internet and the paradigms of the total service incite digital platforms for new products and services, adapted to the mechanized reality of contemporary social games. With these baselines and benchmarks in electronic governance for water, the results of explorations are the discovery of cybernetic organizations and the fundamental characteristics of Water Resilience Office´s. Based on anthropological spaces of interaction and strategic implementations of innovation in water sustainability, the products build the ÁguasML - Commons in Open Media platform, digitally implemented with open source through news portals, e-learning environments, diversified automations and applications for collection and data distribution. They also show some of the components of hydrotechnology platforms at the offices of Water Resilience, as well as the contents, experiences and characteristics of resilient technologies in situations of water scarcity and vulnerability of rights. The Offices generate support in educational alternatives and instruments for the management of common water resources, guiding cybernetic organizations in the use of Information Technologies for survival.

Keywords: Digital platforms. Water resources. Associative organizations. Swarm intelligence. Cybernetics.